What is Beaudryland?
Beaudryland is a Minecraft inspired javascript game that is in the early stages of development.

You can contact Matt Beaudry on Twitter or at for help, questions and suggestions.


See what people are building in Beaudryland at the Map Gallery.

Create your own items for the game with the Item Builder.

Create your own maps for the game with the Map Editor.

Play with a very early demo of Beaudryland Multiplayer.

Update History

Beaudryland v0.7
Winter 2015

  • iOS app in the app store (coming soon)
  • item builder tool! design your own items and blocks and add them to the game
  • map builder
  • character creator
  • level creator
  • more interesting random terrain generation (lakes, forests, plants, objects)
  • achievements!
  • mushrooms, flowers, carrots
  • portals, bow & arrow
  • more interesting digging
  • animal & hunting
  • new animation engine & game global timer
  • night time & lighting effects
  • improved sound and playing of musical instruments
  • airplane
  • weapons & armor

Beaudryland v0.6
Fall 2014
The Space Update

  • the space map: space, star, earth, sun, planets, galaxies
  • new items: signs, telescope, computer, 2D printer, rocket
  • furniture! table, chair, chest, bed, sink, bathtub, toilet
  • the drum kit! hithat, bass drum, snare, tom and cymbal
  • write/read messages on signs
  • creative and story game modes
  • life gauge and hearts! enemies can hurt you now
  • apple trees and apples! eat apples to restore hearts

Beaudryland v0.5
December 2013
The Beach Update

  • beach map: sand, plamtrees, sandstone, wetsand, animated waves
  • new items: keyboard, axe, spear
  • new treasure: oil, clay
  • new blocks: rockbricks, icerockbricks, sandstone, claybrick
  • car and roads
  • projectiles: throwable items (spear and frisbee)

Beaudryland v0.4
March 2013
The Winter Update

  • safer/smarter map and inventory saving
  • game now open to new users through register form on homepage
  • new map: winter
  • new blocks: snow, ice, frozendirt, pinetree, icerock
  • new items: bike, skiis
  • picking up and placing treasure, water, dirt, grass
  • riding bike logic
  • skiis cause scrolling on the winter map
  • new treasure: silver, gold
  • player holding and swinging animations for shovel, bike and skiis
  • updated inventory and crafting system
  • updated map gallery
  • digging/collecting/placing ice blocks
  • placing water

Beaudryland v0.3
January, 2013
The Items Update

  • updated inventory/crafting system
  • inventory function arrows used for crafting
  • inventory items are selectable
  • placing blocks
  • craft up to 3 wood at a time
  • doors and door mechanism
  • enemy sprites and early intelligence
  • playable guitar with audio and arrow keys
  • login system
  • user specific map saving and loading
  • users can save their game (map and inventory)
  • player can collect dirt by digging holes
  • player can fill water and holes with dirt
  • diamonds, find them by digging
  • smarter enemy ai
  • press M/K keys to spawn/kill an enemy [for testing]
  • sword swing animation and graphics
  • map gallery
  • throwable frisbee

Beaudryland v0.2
December 24, 2012
The Texture Update

  • player graphics
  • map terrain graphics
  • collect rocks
  • block data attributes (blockid, blockhealth, blocktype)
  • craftable shovel
  • map size can be changed
  • digging holes with shovel
  • growing grass
  • craftable sword
  • craftable fire with animation

Beaudryland v0.1
Dec 17, 2012
The Game Engine Update

  • random map generation
  • terrain blocks (grass, trees, water, rocks)
  • player movement
  • keyboard/mouse events
  • collect trees
  • crafting table
  • inventory
  • crafting wood
  • onscreen controller for touch devices

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